Sam Elliott


“If you want to get one done, you have to make one yourself.”

Samuel Peck Elliott
09 Agosto 1944
Sacramento, California, Usa.

En La Industria Nacen Actores y Se Crea A Las Estrellas Pero Pocos, Muy Pocos son Aquellos Que Con Tan Solo Nombrarlos Se Visualiza Un Arquetipo y No Al Actor En Si, Este Es El Caso De Samuel, Sam Elliott.
Definido Como El Representante Del American Cowboy Por Excelencia Sam ha Sido Un Actor De Trayectoria…
Con Caracteristicas distintivas Como Su Eterno Cabello Largo…
” I’d rather wear my own long hair than wear a wig for something. So if the job requires long hair I’ve got it, and if it doesn’t I can cut it off.”
O Su Incomparable Voz… “my voice, I have to say thankfully it just comes naturally – my true god given talent.”
Sam A Llevado A Su Maxima Expresion Tanto Personajes Como Comerciales… “I’m picky in the work. I’ve always I think in the last half of my career anyway been pretty picky about what I’ve done. I think I got away with a lot of it early on and then I kind of survived from the not too good stuff maybe. But I’ve tried in the last half of my career to be a little more selective and now I’ve become really like I’m really picky. I just feel like if you want a career and you want to have longevity in your career that you’ve gotta be careful how you expose yourself ‘cause people’ll get sick of you real quick.”
Es Por Ello Que Con Mas De Cuarenta Años De Trayectoria Sam A Conseguido Que Su Trabajo Sea Memorable Por Encima De Su Nombre O Bien Del Proyecto En Si…
Tal Vez De Ahi Su Premisa Basica..


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